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Some Questions?
Why Music and Movement

Some Questions You Might Have

What are the benefits of my child participating in Kindermusik?
We continue to receive positive feedback from medical doctors, speech/occupational therapists, teachers, psychologists etc. It has been reported that:

  • Children who have continued with the Kindermusik program are 12-24 months more developed than those who are not on the program
  • Babies’ milestones are reached at a much quicker rate
  • Kindermusik offers opportunities for all children to develop their capacity more fully and prepares the children for the pressures and stress they will face in a school and class environment, peer pressure and exams


The Kindermusik program is not only effective for normal children but also for children with special needs such as autism, down - syndrome, hyperactivity, and children with reading and learning problems etc. In all the above mentioned cases, outstanding results are achieved in the development of the child. The more the classes and activities are repeated, the more securely the memory strands are entrenched in the brain. There is a clearly observable difference between toddlers who receive this stimulation and those who do not. Their powers of concentration are stronger, their co-ordination and muscle development markedly better, their self image is greatly improved, and in general the child achieves much more. In the process basic fundamentals of music are also rooted and established.

What are the different areas of my child’s brain that will be developed?
The Kindermusik program is a gently structured flexible curriculum that allows the child to learn anddevelop at his or her own pace in ALL areas of development, namely emotional, social, intellectual,concentration, hand-eye co-ordination, small and large motor development, cognitive and braindevelopment. Each activity during class time exercise and develop a certain part of the brain, andthrough joyful interaction and age-appropriate activities, these activities also contribute to thegrowth of the total child through the vehicle of music.

Is Kindermusik a local or international program?
Kindermusik is an international program with Kindermusik International continually developing and enhancing its curricula by incorporating the latest early childhood development research showing that active participation in a music program is a powerful stimulant for a child’s total human development.

What qualifications does a Kindermusik Educator need?
Kindermusik educators are subject to strict screening which is determined by KindermusikInternational. Not only is there a minimum musical requirement but an educational one as well.Selected prospects must successfully complete a course supplied by the Kindermusik Universitydepartment after which they will be licensed. The license is renewable annually and only renewed ifthe minimum requirements of courses are attended during the year as well as a strict following of thepolicy and procedures

What age does my child need to be to participate in Kindermusik?
Kindermusik with Little Rhythms offers programs for children from birth to age nine. For more information regarding the program best suited to your child’s age, please click here

Will my child enjoy music?
Yes!!! We believe that all children are musical, and while not every child will become musicians when they grow up, every child loves to bop up and down or to the sides to their favourite tune.