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What is Kindermusik
What the Experts Say
What Our Parents Say

What Our Parents Say

My 2.5yr old twins & I go to many activities and Kindermusik is the most enjoyable for us all. I really believe doing Kindermusik is making a big impact on my children's development as well it being the highlight of our week. From the very first session it has brought out the best in my boys. Kathryn is a great teacher & has a fantastic way with the children.

"My boys & I thoroughly enjoy Kindermusik classes. They have the best time & find it so much fun. I can clearly see how they develop each week and love to hear them singing along to the songs. Every car journey has to have Kindermusik on the CD player & when asked what they want to do today - the answer is always the same, Kindermusik! Love – your biggest fans!”

Helen Maxwell (twin boys, Silas and Sebastian - Our Time class)

“I think that it’s natural for every parent to think that their child is bright, but if you have your kiddo in the Kindermusik class, that’s when you really discover what a bright kid is. My daughter has been in this class for a year now and the difference between her and every other child her age is astounding. You have to experience it yourself to know what I’m talking about. I know my child is bright and I know that Kindermusik has played a very large part in that. Everyone is constantly marvelled at her and constantly commenting on how advanced she is. Kathryn is awesome and loves these kids like crazy. Kiara (My daughter) is even crazier about her teacher. I’d recommend this class in a heartbeat!!”

Samantha Casling (Mom to Kiara – Village and Our Time student)


"I have attended many different groups with my son aimed at particular areas of development for toddlers and Kindermusik is the only one that we still attend as it not just focused on physical development, language development etc., but incorporates many different areas using music which makes it fun and engaging. There is no question that Brady is enjoying himself, his face lights up when we arrive and for pretty much the whole session is either clapping, ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’ over the different instruments or dancing to his favourite music. The home packs are excellent and mean that we get to enjoy the music from class at home as well as reinforcing concepts which have been introduced, and it’s always great to have new ideas to entertain them at home!"

Dominique Godfrey (Mom to Brady in Our Time)


“Luke and Colin both love Kindermusik so much – we spend hours listening to the CDs and their appreciation for music and sound is wonderful because of the weekly sessions.”


Christine Webster (Mom to Luke and Colin – Village and ABC Music and Me Students)


"I love taking my little one to her Kindermusik classes to see the excited look on her face when she hears her favourite songs & meets up with the friends she has made! More importantly I love watching her develop skills and grow in confidence which I know is thanks to learning through music"

Hayley Dogan (Mum to Ayla in Village Class)


“Jessica enjoys her “music” so much she can’t wait for the next time.  She loves the interaction, dancing and singing tremendously and asks me every morning: “Is it music today?”  Thank you for this wonderful time she spends with you. Keep up the good work!"


Debbie Classen (Mom to Jessica – ABC Music and Me Student)


“The whole “Kindermusik experience” has just been awesome from day 1! Myself and Zoe have enjoyed every second of it! It is so pleasant when we sitting at home and whenever I played the zoom buggy CD – she will start laughing and crawling to me so that we can start dancing! It would be unfair towards Zoe not to enrol her for the next term! Thank you for making the time that I spend with my little girl so pleasant!”


Isabel Oosthuisen (Mom to Zoe – Village Student)


This is how I would sum up the importance of Kindermusik in our lives: "If music be the food of love, play on" (William Shakespeare) I believe this to be true. Kindermusik strengthens the bond of love I share with my 15 month old son. I only have to sing one line from a song we use in class and his smile melts my heart! Priceless...

Harpreet Benning (Mom to Karnail in Village)


“I am amazed at the impact Kindermusik has on my little girl’s development on every level. This is definitely my extra mural of choice and I would recommend it every time.”


Sonice Beukes (Mom to Kayla – ABC Music and Me Student)


“Emily has attended Kindermusik for nearly 7 months, and absolutely loves it. She has thrived during and after her lessons! She has learned to love music, and is always content & happy when she hears music or rhythm in any form!  She has developed an excellent rhythm & appreciation for music!”

Pam Kruger (Mom to Emily – Village Student)


k - kind is our teacher
i - instruments
n - never boring
d - drums
e - exciting
r - running
m - mums and dads have fun too!
u - using our brains and bodies
s - singing
i - interesting
k - Kindermusik - me and my mum love it!

Julie Perry (Mom to Chloe from Village to Our Time)

“Cor loves Kindermusik! He sings along with the CD’s and I can see what you do at class, as he will do certain things like shake the rattle when the songs says shake the rattle, the class definitely makes an impression on him. He used new words and I realised it comes from the Kindermusik songs. I can recommend it!”


Geraldine Muller (Mom to Cor – ABC Music and Me Student)