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What is Kindermusik
What the Experts Say
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What is Kindermusik?
Kindermusik is a music and movement program where each activity during class time exercises and develops a certain part of the brain.  Using music with fun-filled interactions and age-appropriate activities, your child grows holistically. 

The program is designed especially for babies from birth to children age nine years, as scientific proof shows that a child’s brain grows to 90% of its adult capacity within the first two years of life and the last 10% to the age of seven. Solid foundational musical concepts are taught through to age nine from when formal musical training can continue.

The Kindermusik program is a program of world class quality and the objective is to make it available to as many

children as possible.


This program is the only program that:


  • is the world leader in the area of music therapy, music stimulation and music and movement for all children between the ages of birth to 7 years
  • has a panel of 10 specialists in the area of child development and brain development which ensures the latest research is available and includes in the program
  • guarantees results, especially in conjunction with the prescribed “At Home Materials”
  • improves each child’s potential. Over the past 40 years a remarkable number of top achievers have been shaped in the areas of sport, academics, culture and leadership
  • requires licensed educators to receive continuous top quality training
  • delivers an affordable all round program for parents and children around the world

Kindermusik Philosophy
  • Kindermusik is child-centred
    the classroom environment celebrates the individuality of each child
  • Kindermusik is developmentally appropriate
    the educator is provided with comprehensive tools for understanding the interests, skills and appropriate learning methodologies for each stage of development
    they are age appropriate, individually appropriate, integrated learning through all domains, learning emphasized as an interactive practise, activities and material are varied
  • Kindermusik is concerned with the Whole Child
    the primary goal is total growth for the developing child
  • Kindermusik is process, not performance oriented
    rather than a concern with an outcome, product or performance, a process approach places more value on the experience itself
  • Kindermusik is fun for the child and for families
    young people respond when something is fun and enjoyable. This experience offers families the time and materials for sharing and bonding and respects the need of the parent to be a vital part of their child’s learning experience
  • Kindermusik is inclusive of the parents
    parents are the most important people in a young child’s life. Children learn the most from their parents and most comfortable with their parents
  • Kindermusik uses quality audio and visual learning materials in class AND at home
    what is learned and experienced first is best remembered. Teacher and home materials must be of the highest quality possible

Week after week, during the Kindermusik classes, new brain cell connections are formed in an enjoyable way.  Research, which has been conducted in many prestigious universities in the USA, on the Kindermusik programme, has proven time and time again how important the repetition of this stimulation is.  The more often the repetition occurres, the stronger the new brain cell connections are formed.

  • Develops a child’s language and auditory skills
  • Is process, not performance based
  • Supports the home as the most important environment for learning
  • Home Resources makes the weekly experience live at home again and again