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Why Music and Movement

Why Music and Movement

While many other activities provide excellent benefits, participation in Kindermusik promises extensive life-impacting growth in all areas of your child’s development – including cognitive, physical, emotional, language and social development – for now and for life!

There is no doubt that research shows music helps children become better learners.
Infants respond to music by cooing, smiling, and even swinging their arms or kicking their legs to the beat. Toddlers love to dance, swing, and sing as they develop their motor and aural skills. Preschoolers strengthen neural pathways by making up songs and rhymes as their imaginations run wild.

But what’s more? All the research in the world can’t capture the pure joy and delight your child will experience in Kindermusik, both in the classroom and at home. We’ll help you foster a bond with your child that will last a lifetime. Parents tell us every day that they look forward to Kindermusik because they can really stop, breath, center, and focus all their attention on their child. In our frantically paced lives, this time is becoming harder and harder to come by.

Music and Movement Benefits

- Helps develop social skills through group interaction 

- Provides for physical development

- Gives parents a chance to “play and learn” with their children

- Builds self-esteem

- Prepares Child for possible future as an athlete

- Prepares Child for a future dance career

- Improves memory and the ability to learn new information

- Leads a child toward a lifetime of joyful music-making

- Enhances brain development for other skills like spatial and complex  
  reasoning, listening and reading

- Allows a child to creatively express and explore individual strengths with art, vocal, dance and instrumental activities

- Develops a child’s language and auditory skills

- Is process, not performance based

- Supports the home as the most important environment for learning

- Home Resources makes the weekly experience live at home again and again