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What is Kindermusik
What the Experts Say
What Our Parents Say
Little Rhythms presenting Kindermusik
"Look at your past. Your past has determined where you are at this moment. What you do today will determine where you are tomorrow." Tom Hopkins
What if music could help you celebrate the stages, not just the ages of your child's development?
What if one captivating learning experience took your child from birthday to birthday, milestone to milestone?

And what if you shared in that journey, year by year, as your child's natural gifts unfolded?

Kindermusik is an early childhood music and movement program based on the following beliefs:

  • Every child is musical
  • Every parent is the child's most important teacher
  • The home is the most important learning environment
Music nurtures a child's cognitive, emotional, social, language and physical development. From birth to nine years of age, with the caring guidance of a trained and licensed Kindermusik teacher, your child can grow with Kindermusik without pressure to perform; only encouragement to explore, express and discover.
You'll see a developmental evolution in language skills, emerging literacy, listening, problem solving, social skills, self-esteem and musicality. With every Kindermusik program, your Kindermusik At Home materials include the highest quality music recordings on CD with a diversity of vocal and instrumental arrangements your whole family will enjoy. While materials vary with each program, many include creative activities and children's books, along with specially designed instruments to complement the music and extend your child's learning into your home. Have a look at all the different programs that are available for your child from birth to 9 years.



Our Vision at Little Rhythms is to:
Motivate children to explore and learn,
Uncover the gifts of music and movement each
  child has,
Support parents in their desire for the best for
  their children,
Instil confidence in each child and
Continuously show love to all who walk through our

Our Goal is to provide as much laughter and joy as possible to each child in our class through the gift of experiencing music and movement.